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I do not work for or do not have any connection with the company, rather I have been following them for years.

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Satisfied that what the Agents call their Powers are! Just click the Music Icon under the "Media" line along the left hand column of the main screen. Director Ron Howard chose to treat Angels Demons as a sequel to the previous film, Why does this room smell like pineapple and why is there fake Nutella on this table?

I see Ubuntu is using v Bulletin (that is not OSS). or is this software better thanwhat we currently have in OSS world? Many thanks, swb There are many OSS forum softwares. My suggestion demo each one and then decide on the feature you need, then decide.

It just depends on what you are looking for and what fills your needs. Pun BB is a great lightweight forum, but it lacks a few features many (not these guys..) consider essential, like personal messages, polls, a calendar.

I hate the idea of going back to the default UI Updates for KA in zip, extract into your current profit folder.

Therendil and I have made some back office adjustments and your updated files should be available on the updater as of this morning.