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That being said, I did notice a slight pattern in terms of time period.

Surprisingly, the worst stuff all happened in the more recent years.

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It makes sense: Impulse and Supergirl were already part of the team, DC obviously had plans to add the teenage Ray Palmer to (some version of) the team, and if we examine Split’s appearance in Steel #0, he’s less the grown-up villain from Steel #6 and more of a misguided kid (I should point out that Steel #0 came out after the release of Steel #6, in case that numbering is confusing to you): And while Split’s powers would’ve knocked the socks off the Legion of Super-Heroes like they were mistaking a time-displaced Bluejay for a teleporter in #2… The back pages of the floppy feature this helpful recap of Matrix Supergirl’s history: Short and sweet. The book ran for almost half a decade (from 1990-1994) and was by no means a perfect comic: I enjoyed issues #1, #3, #5, and #8 (and #8 only because seeing Qwardian versions of the Justice League was pretty neat – at least back then, now it’s old hat) and the rest were pretty take-it-or-leave-it material.But 50 years ago, voluptuousness was the beauty standard. (Despite the fact that he doesn't want to marry a thin Lois either.) In this thing, Lois walks in front of a "growth beam" that makes her 100 pounds heavier overnight. Antha Nee Mayalone Latest Telugu Short Film about making boy to love a girl which already arranged marriage.Back in the Golden Age (pre-1950s or so), women were very frequently the main protagonist in their stories, and usually kicked as much ass as the other guys.While I won’t say these stories were perfect (, for example, were incredibly racist), they at least weren’t killing women for the sake of it.Now, down to business: I’m here to talk about Split. A villain who appeared in three issues of trading card set.